We, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church parish, are a Church community of Christian faith striving to teach the word of God, to minister the sacraments, and to share Jesus’ love.

Mass Times

Sunday 8:00am
Thursday 5:30pm
Friday 1st & 3rd at 10:15am at nursing home **   for residents only

PASTOR:  Fr. Josh Link.  He is also pastor of St. Patrick’s Clear Lake and also Chaplin at Newman High School.

Masks are recommended but not mandatory at this time according to the new message from Archbishop Jackels this last Sunday AUGUST 15, 2021. This is for everyone even if you are vaccinated. This is because of the new variant.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION classes following Sunday Mass.  Classes will start promptly at 9:10.  If you want your child to have a donut and juice before class need to be there by 9:00 am at least!!

FALL (TURKEY) DINNER: We served 775 meals  not as many as we had planned for.  We had $9747.00 deposited from dinners and food sold.  Our expenses to date are $9107.51.  We had $3470.00 in donations for turkeys. We sold $329.99 food. Thanks to everyone who donated.   Our expenses were $9244.99 for a profit of $4066.01.

GUILD MEETING – was held on thursday November 18th after Mass.  Thanks to Fr. Josh and the 15 or so ladies that attended. Discussed the dinner, what went well, what we need to change for another year.  Decided to do our tithing from the Dinner to the various organizations.  $100.00 to Epiphany baby pantry and $50.00 to the following: Catholic Charities, Crisis Intervention, Dominican Sisters, Presentation Sisters, Francis Lauer Youth, Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank, West Fork Bood Pantry, Women’s Shelter, Rockwell, Fire Dept, Rockwell-Swaledale EMT.  Decided to give Christmas gifts to Fr. Josh and to Ann Wolf for all her liturgy work. We planned our Cookie walk for Sunday Dec 19th after Mass.  It is also the RE program and breakfast potluck.  We are asking ladies to bring cookies for the walk.  It was decided we will do a free will offering for anyone who wants to purchase the cookies.  Come and check out the cookies for your christmas baking.  The ladies were all in favor of doing our lenten breakfasts again.  More on that later. Our next guild meeting will be on thursday February 10th after 6:15 pm Mass


MEN’S SHELTER:  in visiting with the gentlemen at the Men’s shelter he indicated some items they are always in need of such as cleaning supplies, washing soap pods, dish soap pods, personal soap, beard trimmers, briefs sizes XL & XXL, sweatshirts zipper or not sizes XL or XXL, Sheet sets for twin beds.  A tote will be beside the food totes for anyone who wants to make a donation.  FYI  Donated items were take to the Men’s shelter this past week  He was very appreciated with everything donated.  The tote will remain out for any future donations.

HAWKEYE HARVEST food bank is always in need of donations.  The last two times donations were taken to Hawkeye Harvest they totaled over 100 lbs  They are so grateful for the donations.  Some of the items donated are given to the West Fork Food Pantry and yes we are West Fork.  They are very grateful for any donations they receive from us.

WESTFORK FOOD BANK located in Sheffield is always in need of donations.  Some of the food left at Sacred Heart has been given to the Westfork Food Bank.  They have moved up on main street in Sheffield and have changed their hours to thursdays 2 pm to 5 pm, saturdays 10 am to noon.  Phone number is 641-892-4010. You must reside in the West Fork school district to be eligible.   They are an awesome organization


STREAMING MASS EACH SATURDAY at  4:00 pm through a live stream on their St. Patrick’s YouTube Channel.

If you can not watch live online, live streams will be recorded so they can be watched at a later time.

Saint Patrick YouTube Channel

Please consider dropping off or sending any Weekly Tithing to the Parish Office.

CONTACT for Fr. Josh Link.  Either Sacred Heart Rockwell 641-822-4950 or St. Patrick’s Clear Lake 641-357-3214.

Mailing Address – Sacred Heart Parish, P.O. Box 30, Rockwell, IA 50469


Sacrament of Penance

Communial Penance at Sacred Heart, Saturday December 4th at 10:00 am